By Ambika Niranjan  on: 08 June 2018
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Summers are the season when most of the people complaint of dry, itchy, tanned and saggy skin blaming it to the rising temperature. Little de we know that these problems are due to the dehydration of our skin losing all the essential moisture.

            So, here are few things that we can provide to our body by some additions in the diet and few skin care tips using the foods.

  1. Omega – 3: The skin is the largest organ acting as a barrier that protects our body from most of the problems. This skin is made up of certain amount of fat as well with omega-3 as major one. Lack of this loosens your skin not being able to retain moisture. So, supplying your body with omega-3 rich foods makes your skin a much strong barrier and helps retain moisture. Some of the omega-3 rich foods that can be included in your everyday diet are walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, soyabean and fish.        
  2. Liquids: There is no better alternative to a healthy body and skin than drinking 2-3 liters of water a day. One coconut water every day will also come as a host of glucose and many essential minerals helping you restore all the lost liquids and stay hydrated and also acting wonders on your skin.     
  3. Stay Moisturized with Sunscreen: A good SPF moisturizer will come in handy anytime preventing your skin turning dry and itchy and also stay away from sun tan.
  4. Mask it: A good mixture of grated cucumber and fresh aloevera gel applied as a mask for few minutes and then washed off will help your skin stay soothing, supple and hydrated. Try it to believe it.    
  5. AC hacks: Air conditioners come to our savior in these scorch summers. A good night’s sleep without them is a nightmare. But, were you aware that, the AC’s absorb the moisture from the room and our skin leaving us dehydrated to give the cold feeling. Just to confirm, check your skin when you wake up. To retain the moisture in the night with AC’s and staying cool is, never forget a good aloevera based moisturizer in the night and set the AC temperature to 26+ C.

Stay hydrated and healthy this summer!!!

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07 June 2018
    Let the first day of this month with academic year re-opening be a pleasant yet temporary good-bye to your vacation cheats, holidays, eating almost every junk available, unending parties and invitations, kids wandering around all the junks and quickly putting them in their mouth when no one's watching. Le the start of this new academic year a start of healthy routine to you and your kids, so that the kids make the most of it.  A few tips to keep your kids healthy during the academics. 1. Plan your kids meal a day prior so that you can complete their nutritional requirements. (Food made in a jiffy without better planning is usually incomplete in Nutrition). 2. Inculcate the hygiene habits in your kids by asking them to use washroom and brush immediately upon waking up. Not to forget combating the main cause of most of the infections is by washing hands before and after every meal, after returning home from outside, after the play, and every time the kid uses washroom. 3. Start their day with some water followed fruit and dry fruits. 4. Never let the kids leave home empty stomach. A homemade healthy breakfast will keep them happy, healthy and help them concentrate better on studies. 5. Let the breakfast never be a packed food (never recommended anytime of the day though). Some of the breakfast options can be idli, dosa, upma, poha, paratha, roti sabzi, eggs in any form, and vegetable sandwiches with paneer etc. A small serving of vegetables and fruits along will pack their body with all the required vitamins and minerals. 6. Do teach your kids the importance of homemade and nutritious food. Refrain them from eating bakery or packed products in the lunch break hours.  7. The lunch can and should be anything made at home like roti, dal, sabzi, rice, parathas.  8. Sharing not only increases bonding between friends but will also add to their Nutrition by providing more varieties of foods. Teach them the importance of sharing their lunch boxes. 9. Kids need to stay hydrated too. Do pack their bags with water bottles and also tell them why they need to finish drinking that water. 10. Ones they are back do provide them with some healthy snack. A small part of the lunch will also do if nothing's available. Occasionally, a chocolate or some wafers or a piece of cake will also do. (They are kids, they are running around all the time getting tired, run out of their glucose stores so they need to replenish and they will be easily able to burn these calories in their evening play session again). 11. Never reward your kids with food of their choice. Ones developing this as a habit, it may make them a picky eater leaving them under nourished or lead to obesity in kids. 12. Indulge your kid into some evening sport activity. It will help them stay strong, active and keep away from obesity. 13. A good session of completing the home work, soothing homemade dinner with the family, a little more play and it's good to call it a day.  HAPPY SCHOOL REOPENING TO ALL!!! 
14 June 2018
A usual beverage obtained after churning butter from cream or easily made at home by mixing curd with water along with some spices. This drink, usually used as a beverage in summers to keep the body cool or as a digestive usually comes with many unknown benefits.   Low in calories – One serving of buttermilk made of low fat milk is only 100 calories and 2.2gms fat. So, low fat beverage is any day a good one. Contains abundant bioactive proteins that help reduce blood pressure. Calcium – 284mg calcium per serving which is essential building block of bones and skeletal system of the body also helps teeth stay strong. Vitamins & Minerals – contains Vitamin A, C and other B vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. Contains many essential and trace minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Riboflavin – 0.4mg riboflavin present which is important to convert food into energy helping the body detoxify. Protein – one serving will give about 8gm of protein. Probiotic food – As a fermented milk product, it contains live micro-organisms with health benefits. Helps populate your intestine with health promoting bacteria that improve the immune function, reduce bacteria and also helps with irritable bowel syndrome. Water – as over 90% of it is water, its consumption helps to maintain the water balance of the body, satiates unusual hunger pangs, a good drink for people looking for weight loss. A beverage full of electrolytes when rightly spiced, hence effective to prevent dehydration, fight against the heat and loss of water from the body. Keeps the digestive tract healthy which also reflects on the skin. A complete food with good nutritive values for a balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates, minimal fat, vitamins and essential enzymes present. Acts as an astringent as it helps in reducing pores caused by acne and pimples. Reduces hyper motility of intestines during diarrhea and also shrink hemorrhoids. The bacteria present inhibit the growth of hostile or illness causing bacteria inside the intestinal tract and promote growth of beneficial bacteria needed for digestion. To be taken liberally when administered antibiotics as antibiotics wipe off the useful intestinal flora. Recipe: My favorite recipe for a good, appetizing and tasty buttermilk is – Curd and water churned together if the traditional one unavailable, add salt, freshly grated ginger, green chilies paste, cumin powder and chopped coriander leaves and a tasty, preservative free beverage is ready to be relished for its amazing health benefits.
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You become what you eat... It is always 80% food and 20% exercise... Don't starve to be healthy, rather eat healthy to be healthy.... These are some of the fitness mantras which prove to be so very true. For someone who was obese to 95kgs at the age of 21 to a person who has been on a rough roller coaster to achieve the ideal weight and the best shape with a naturally radiant and glowing skin.My journey to fight my obesity issues forced me to learn more and transform myself into a completely new and energetic me overloaded with confidence.I have completed M.Sc and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Alternative Medicine with Diet and Nutrition as one of the major subjects and also Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition in Clinical nutrition and DietiticsA nutritionist by profession and passion, I am always available for my clients through the best communication system possible to help them overcome their health issues, a stronger, energetic, confident and healtheir you full of positivity. Expertise in obesity, PCOD, PCOS, post pregnancy weight loss, thyroid, Diabetes Management and all the other disorders arising due to nutrition issues. You hire me as your nutritionist and I'll ensure that you reach your goals. I am also an expertise in online consultation available through skype or any other mode of communication, so that I can consult people at any places. 
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