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    In Health Tips On 07 June 2018

        Let the first day of this month with academic year re-opening be a pleasant yet temporary good-bye to your vacation cheats, holidays, eating almost every junk available, unending parties and invitations, kids wandering around all the junks and quickly putting them in their mouth when no one's watching. Le the start of this new academic year a start of healthy routine to you and your kids, so that the kids make the most of it.  A few tips to keep your kids healthy during the academics. 1. Plan your kids meal a day prior so that you can complete their nutritional requirements. (Food made in a jiffy without better planning is usually incomplete in Nutrition). 2. Inculcate the hygiene habits in your kids by asking them to use washroom and brush immediately upon waking up. Not to forget combating the main cause of most of the infections is by washing hands before and after every meal, after returning home from outside, after the play, and every time the kid uses washroom. 3. Start their day with some water followed fruit and dry fruits. 4. Never let the kids leave home empty stomach. A homemade healthy breakfast will keep them happy, healthy and help them concentrate better on studies. 5. Let the breakfast never be a packed food (never recommended anytime of the day though). Some of the breakfast options can be idli, dosa, upma, poha, paratha, roti sabzi, eggs in any form, and vegetable sandwiches with paneer etc. A small serving of vegetables and fruits along will pack their body with all the required vitamins and minerals. 6. Do teach your kids the importance of homemade and nutritious food. Refrain them from eating bakery or packed products in the lunch break hours.  7. The lunch can and should be anything made at home like roti, dal, sabzi, rice, parathas.  8. Sharing not only increases bonding between friends but will also add to their Nutrition by providing more varieties of foods. Teach them the importance of sharing their lunch boxes. 9. Kids need to stay hydrated too. Do pack their bags with water bottles and also tell them why they need to finish drinking that water. 10. Ones they are back do provide them with some healthy snack. A small part of the lunch will also do if nothing's available. Occasionally, a chocolate or some wafers or a piece of cake will also do. (They are kids, they are running around all the time getting tired, run out of their glucose stores so they need to replenish and they will be easily able to burn these calories in their evening play session again). 11. Never reward your kids with food of their choice. Ones developing this as a habit, it may make them a picky eater leaving them under nourished or lead to obesity in kids. 12. Indulge your kid into some evening sport activity. It will help them stay strong, active and keep away from obesity. 13. A good session of completing the home work, soothing homemade dinner with the family, a little more play and it's good to call it a day.  HAPPY SCHOOL REOPENING TO ALL!!! 

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