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  • Weight Loss Program

    Over weight or obesity is been one of the common problems these days being faced by every 7 out of 10 persons. It not only stops a person from being fit and healthy but also comes accompanied&...

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  • PCOD, PCOS diet

    Polycystic Ovaries Disease (PCOD), Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome(PCOS) are the disorders found in women at any age. These disorders may be due to hormonal imbalances, excess weight gain, unhealthy li...

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  • Post pregnancy weight loss

    This programme especially meant for the just moms. During the course of pregnancy, you might have gained loads of weight and want to get into your old jeans asap. If thts the case, this is ...

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  • Child Nutrition

    Kids or Pediatric nutrition is all about the health of your kids. The kids right from birth till 18 years is when their growth is at peak and thats when they need to acquire maximum from thr food t...

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  • Ante Natal (pregnancy) nutrition

    Pregnancy is the time when the health of a women and her nutritional reuirements are at their peak. The right nutrition provided during this time, determines the health of the women during and...

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